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Die By Day

Follow the Metal Brick Road

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All Members , Moderated
This is the Die By Day community. Die By Day is a Seattle based heavy metal band that's filled with fist pumping heavy metal action.

Appropriate entries should include:
1. Posting upcoming events, either by word of mouth or from the band members themselves
2. Picture posting from shows (Note: If you are posting pictures, please do it behind an lj-cut. Thank you)
3. Proposing a question to the band
4. Asking about equipment advice, ie. what the band uses, etc

Unappropriate entries includes:
1. Unofficial promotion as a result of trivial entries, for instance. "OmGz LolZ I <3s DiE By DaY And EvErYoNe Else shoUldD tOooO!!!" That's a big no-no.
2. The promotion of other metal communities through LiveJournal. If you would like to promote, please contact the band members or their mother by the screennames below.
3. Asking about the meanings of lyrics and/or song significance
4. Interview type questions, ie. "What are yalls favorite foods?" The band members can post their own entries that include their interests.

The band can be reached at diebyday@hotmail.com. Email will be checked when it is most convenient.

If you are either in love with the bassist or have the absolute dire need to contact one of the band members or the mother (the moderator for this community), then you may send them an AIM message at the following screennames:

Chris/Krunk (lead guitar) - SolidGuitar6

Kenny/Anthony/Kendor (bass) - X22acaciaavenueX

Nick/Bison (vocals/rythem guitar) - nickatnight68

Nick/Giggles (drums) - GraniteThunder

Echo/Mom/Moderator for the community - FieryAutoCrashes

Thanks, and rock on!