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Hey guys, This is bison, nobody in the band has posted for a long ass time so ill tell you whats been going on for the past few months. First of all we had a killer show in december at the seattle drum school, it was probably our best show ever, and people were super super into it. We recorded that show also so pretty soon there should be some mp3's for you to listen to and download and spread to ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. The month of december kindof sucked though because we only got to practice like twice and those practices were horrible failures. Were working on like at least 5 or 6 new songs and they should all be done by march or something like that.

one of them is midnight, which is by far the most epic power metal thing that we've ever done.
another one of them is window into death, which is a super thrashy song inspired by the quest to the east side portal.

January has been allright so far, we just played a show in snoqaulmie and that went pretty shitty in my eyes. We were good, but the audience hated us, because they were a bunch of shitty ahrdcore kids. There were like 30 metal heads there tho that totally dug us. We have a show on the 21'st at the seattle drum school with Gift of Prophecy, Death Rattle, Dance, Lords of Death, Sleep Terror, and Shaded Eternity.

once again a bunch of hardcore bands and one other savage metal band.

Were playing the SAAS battle of the bands which were going to win for sure.

I'm out like chris' virginity

O, and we now have a myspace acount at

create an acount and add yourself as a friend.

and dont forget that myspace sucks cunt along with livejournal.

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