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hey guys.

i know im not normally the one to update for you guys. but alots gone on, and i thought you guys deserved to know.

1) we had a show last weekend, at the seattle brickhouse. and the people were douches. but whatever. silly punk "rawk" kids. then band that played before us were allright, kinda "punk by the numbers" except they had 1 unique twist, and that was guitar solos, but allright.

2) we have a show coimg up (seattle drum school)on either
a) next saturday
b) two weeks from now
so you should all go to that, there will be other bands.

3) WE HAVE A WEBSITE!!! Http:\\ go there for shows, general info, music, and a mailing list. soon to come are bios, pictures, and interactive porn!!!(not really)

stay lubricated,

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