some destroy the opposition style shit

we hella forgot about this thing

anyways die by day has been having a helluva time over the last few months so id like to keep everyone posted on whats happening in our heavy metal universe

-Die by day and nick brown have parted ways, we wish him the best in all of his future musical endeavors. replaceing him is Will Mathiasen.

-we opened u for therion as our first show back at the end of the summer

-No were taking time to write new material, fix all of our god damned equipment, and get out of elgal trouble

we will be back in action in the very near future so dont forget about us. is being updated again and will include new content in the near future

lets doodie, and stay metal kids
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whats up guys

well fans, ive gotta tell you, some you win, some lose, and some you lose and open negotiations for a record deal.

we took the stage at around 6:55 at the studio 7 club in the industrial district of seattle. we took the stage then, but had arrived at 10 in the morning, helped set up all the gear, and stayed around all day. we played an awesome set consisting of: thunderfall, heavy metal nation, black ccrow, midnight, and then russian roullette. in the end, we didnt win. the thing you have to keep in mind is this: at these shows, we generally stick out like a sore thumb. its ussually us and alot of emo/screamo/pemo(punk emo) maybe one other metal band, and a few "hard rock" bands scattered in for good measure. basically, we win these because we kick their ass's into the floor with glorious heavy metal-mana sent from the heavens. of course, like rehab, you have to want your ass to be kicked for us to kick your ass. if you want emo, you wont want us. wed love to please everyone, but that just isnt how it works. the judges liked the other bands more, and thats fine by me, because we played heavy metal at studio seven, the metalheads there loved us, we are now allied with a band called T.O.P. (their savage youll love em like your first born son) and we are going to begin negotiations with a record label about getting signed, as per the request of the label.

so have faith, this minor defeat does not mean anything, we are still going to conquer all. we are still metal, and we will continue rip faces all over seattle, america, and the world.
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Hey guys, This is bison, nobody in the band has posted for a long ass time so ill tell you whats been going on for the past few months. First of all we had a killer show in december at the seattle drum school, it was probably our best show ever, and people were super super into it. We recorded that show also so pretty soon there should be some mp3's for you to listen to and download and spread to ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. The month of december kindof sucked though because we only got to practice like twice and those practices were horrible failures. Were working on like at least 5 or 6 new songs and they should all be done by march or something like that.

one of them is midnight, which is by far the most epic power metal thing that we've ever done.
another one of them is window into death, which is a super thrashy song inspired by the quest to the east side portal.

January has been allright so far, we just played a show in snoqaulmie and that went pretty shitty in my eyes. We were good, but the audience hated us, because they were a bunch of shitty ahrdcore kids. There were like 30 metal heads there tho that totally dug us. We have a show on the 21'st at the seattle drum school with Gift of Prophecy, Death Rattle, Dance, Lords of Death, Sleep Terror, and Shaded Eternity.

once again a bunch of hardcore bands and one other savage metal band.

Were playing the SAAS battle of the bands which were going to win for sure.

I'm out like chris' virginity

O, and we now have a myspace acount at

create an acount and add yourself as a friend.

and dont forget that myspace sucks cunt along with livejournal.
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R.I.P. Dimebag Darrel

Reverend reverend is this some conspiracy?
Crucified for no sins
An image beneath me
Whats within our plans for life
It all seems so unreal
I'm a man cut in half in this world
Left in my misery

youve shredded a place into all of our metal hearts and will never be forgotton

its not die by day related but i think this one can slide. everyone drop a comment im remembrance

December 10th show

For all of you people who didn't sign up for the newsletter from the show is on december 10th at 6 p.m. It is 5 dollars and if you are not there I will kill you. (not really, i shall maim you and leave you to rot in a gutter somewhere, the hobos will kill you). thank you for being there and as Bison would have my head if i did not quote him:
"Put this in your profile or I pretty much hate you:
Die By Day, The best metal band in seattle other than Gunner"
thast about all, go to its the communist party website!!!

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hey guys.

i know im not normally the one to update for you guys. but alots gone on, and i thought you guys deserved to know.

1) we had a show last weekend, at the seattle brickhouse. and the people were douches. but whatever. silly punk "rawk" kids. then band that played before us were allright, kinda "punk by the numbers" except they had 1 unique twist, and that was guitar solos, but allright.

2) we have a show coimg up (seattle drum school)on either
a) next saturday
b) two weeks from now
so you should all go to that, there will be other bands.

3) WE HAVE A WEBSITE!!! Http:\\ go there for shows, general info, music, and a mailing list. soon to come are bios, pictures, and interactive porn!!!(not really)

stay lubricated,
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