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Son of Photog

I have more pictures for you all. This time it includes the whole band, all 4 members. Enjoy them.

The pictures I have of Nick frustrate me because of lighting issues. This is the only one I'm satisfied with. And no Nick its not your fault, its the lights fault, you're very pretty.

I got this shot of Kenny completely by accident, my camera went off a few seconds early. That's why its blurry, although it does look very artsy.

Personally I hate this picture, but other people seem to like it.

Chris....not moving...even sitting this time...God dammit... He's too fucking photogenic to be this immobile all the fucking time. MOVE DAMN YOU! BE FUCKING EXPRESSIVE! Take some pointers from Bison. Its not just for the pictures either, its for the live show, no one wants to go to see an immobile man. If I wanted to see that I'd go watch Kenny play video games.

I like this one.

And last but most certainly not least, the frontman himself...blurry as shit....because of my shitty ass camera. So it goes...

Well thats all, enjoy them. When I have more, I'll post em. Maybe I'll work with these, color them a little or something, in any case, whenever there are new pictures, you'll see em here.

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