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Got a few pictures for you all to admire. I'll have like 7 or 8 more up soon. Think of this as a sample.

Chris from the left.

Chris from the right.

Bison. Badass as hell. Yeah.

Enjoy those and I'll have more for you soon.
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those are fucking cool! i love them... and i'm going to steal them and you all can't stop me!

xoxo angelina

i win
technically I could stop you. I'm the artist, I hold rights to them. But a) i don't care you can steal them if you want, and b) as long as you give me credit for them, you can put them anywhere you want and show them to anyone. Especially the one of Bison, just because its so fuckin badass.
i know and i totally understand. plus all the pictures are amazing.. i'm angie by the way.
Why thank you. I'm spencer by the way. I'll have more pictures up later today.
those pictures of chris are so badass. wow i cant even beleive how badass me and him will look back to back dueling solos.
How can you be so terribly studly and still.. ^^;